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Drive Community Development.

Governments face increasing pressure to manage the complexities of their community development services—restricted by outdated legacy systems that are Excel or paper-based. Providing you with a solution to manage development, digitally transform the way your department conducts permits, handles inspections, and manages projects in your community to increase citizen engagement in an efficient and timely manner.

Permitting Software Built for State and Local Governments.

From inspections to permits and entitlements to certificates, government permitting software allows your department to streamline workflow processes to
effectively meet growing demands—ensuring our communities can grow and thrive. Provide your building, planning, and public works departments with a solution that ensures the right policies and regulations are governed the right way.

Building Permits | Clariti

Building Permits

Provide your citizens, contractors and departments with an integrated platform that simplifies complex building permit processes and development projects, and offers 24/7 self-serve capabilities. Prevent missed deadlines and lost information, easily communicate with applicants through a centralized online platform, and adapt to the unique conditions of each project. From citizen permit requests to a department's reviewing process, gain access to a fully transparent system that improves the experience for citizens, developers and staff alike, providing them with full transparency throughout the process.

Building Permit Solution

Planning & Zoning Permits | Clariti

Planning & Zoning Applications

Effectively manage planning and zoning applications with transparency to better your community and fast-track permits. Simplify processes while ensuring development projects comply with your community’s regulations;  provide your planning staff with the tools they need to better manage public notifications, milestone tracking and public hearings. Stay ahead of your planning and zoning permits, and benefit from the platform's comprehensive bi-directional integration with the Esri® GIS system—essential to successful project management.

Building Permit Solution

Mechanical Equipment Permits | Clariti

Mechanical Equipment Permits

From elevators to amusement rides, ensure that the millions of pieces of mechanical equipment remain safe by automating critical permitting functions. Mitigate the risk of forgotten inspections with a fully functional mobile app for field inspectors that automates the assignment of inspectors based on criteria you define, and enables spatial location of assets and equipment, even offline. Plan daily inspections with real-time traffic information to optimize routing, and manage your permit processes faster and smarter. There is no better way to manage your city's mechanical equipment permits successfully.

Key Features


Dynamic Rules Engine

Establish an efficient permitting, inspection and planning system. Adaptable to your unique needs, the Dynamic Rules Engine provides your department with automation—streamlining your permitting workflow and processes.

Letters Engine

Letters Engine

Simplify and expedite complex business processes, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. The Letters Engine provides advanced document generation capabilities for all permit documents essential to your department.

Citizen Portal

Community Portal

Engage your citizens with a Community Portal that provides easy access to online self-service capabilities. Residents can complete online file submissions, print-on-demand documents, and conduct and receive online payments with the payment cart, all through one access point.

GIS Mapping

Esri® GIS Connector Tool

Effectively manage development projects to better your community and fast-track permits. Clariti simplifies processes by providing event-driven tasks that automatically schedule notifications, proceedings, hearings and more. Stay ahead of your permits and benefit from the platform's ability to visually highlight critical tasks—essential to successful project management.




Streamline your operations and improve citizen experience through automation on a pioneering platform. Adapt and scale to changing government policies with ease, regardless of how big or small those changes are for years to come.



Provide real-time access to information and strengthen communication and transparency between your department and citizens to increase trust and improve public perception of your community development services.



Solve complex permitting issues today, and secure your departments future with a modern and innovative platform. Meet application demands, reduce backlogs and satisfy applicant and staff expectations through streamlined operations.



Streamline your workflow processes and improve efficiencies to work better, faster, and smarter to stay ahead of permit deadlines and mitigate the risks of unsafe buildings.


Support Community Development with Government Permitting Software

Easily establish your own efficient permitting system to help drive community development and economic activity.