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Clariti Customer Stories
“Clariti is great to work with. They know us and make it a point to know our systems. As far as customer service goes, they are one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with.”
Clariti Customer Story State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission

Erika Hoppes
State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission

“Clariti makes everything a million times easier. The system is easy to use and easy to navigate.”
Clariti customer City of Aspen, Colorado, field inspections success story

Brandon Cline
City of Aspen, Colorado

“It was extremely helpful during COVID…we never had to interrupt our service…[and] while a lot of cities were having to close, we were able to continue our services.”
Clariti Customer Story Orange County California

Laree Alonso
Orange County California Public Works

“Our permitting solution meets everything we need. It’s the first thing I have up in the morning, and the last thing I see when I log out.”
Clariti Customer City of Sterling, Illinois

Hilda Thielen
City of Sterling, Illinois

Building Permit Software to Cut Issuance Time by 50%+

Get rid of backlogs for good with an easy-to-use, clicks-to-configure digital Building Permitting Solution that has everything you need to issue permits faster and easier than ever before.

Clariti-Orange County Public Works Permitting Webinar

Webinar On-Demand: Orange County California's Land Management and Building Permitting System

In this educational webinar, Orange County Public Works Permitting Managers share a behind-the-scenes look at the county's digital permitting system, and how it facilitates a 10-day permit turnaround. See what the user experience is like for an administrator, applicant, inspector, and more. 

City of Aspen, Colorado, field inspectors interview about a day in the life

A Day in the Life of Aspen Field Inspectors Using Clariti

Learn how Clariti's Land Management and Building Permitting Solution makes everything "a million times easier" for the field inspections team in Aspen, Colorado, and how it helped cut admin work by 75%.

Clariti Permit Software Buyers Guide

Permit Software Buyers Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Learn the ins and outs of permit software and how to make an informed buying decision in this comprehensive guide. Inside, you'll find out how permit software works, its key features, the benefits for citizens and staff, and much more.
Clariti Enterprise Government Permitting and Licensing Solution

Clariti Enterprise

Bring your ideal permitting and licensing platform to life with our Enterprise offering. Using pre-configured modules, we’ll customize a solution to meet any use-case. No matter how complicated your permitting and licensing processes are, we make them feel easy with a solution designed specifically for you.

make every day easy and efficient with Clariti's permitting and licensing solutions

Make Every Day Easy and Efficient

We get it - issuing permits and licenses is a full-time job, and there’s no time to slow down or break for massive system overhauls. That’s why our team is dedicated to finding the best-fit solution to meet your organization’s unique needs, and supporting you through the quickest implementation process on the market, so you can keep moving forward. Even after go-live, our team is there to help - we’re expert problem solvers, 365 days of the year.

Slash your processing time by 50% or more

Slash Your Processing Time by 50% or More

Move faster than ever before with freedom from unreliable systems that are slowing you down, and experience an average reduction in processing time of 50-75%. Optimize your permitting, licensing, and inspections operations with just one solution to do it all.

Create your optimal permitting or licensing workflow without code, and do things your way

Do Things Your Way

Have an idea of your optimal permitting or licensing workflow? Create it with clicks, not code, using a drag and drop tool that lets you create the workflows you imagined. Easily automate everyday tasks like creating documents, sending emails, or requesting corrections, and get rid of backlogs for good.

Impress your constituents with an intuitive self-serve permit and license application portal

Impress Your Constituents

Take the stress out of applying for a permit or license, and exceed the expectations of your constituents, with an intuitive self-serve online application portal that allows applicants to apply with a few clicks, and easily track and manage their application at any point in the process.

Deliver exceptional citizen experiences with Clariti

Get the Support You Need from People You Trust

Get through your day with confidence knowing you're supported by a reliable, low maintenance system built on the world's most trusted and secure platform, and a dedicated Clariti support representative that’s there when you need them. With 99.9%+ system uptime, and the ability to update and maintain your system with limited to no IT support, you can deliver exceptional services without the worry of disruptions.

Permitting and Licensing is Complex. Our Solutions Make it Easy.

Clariti Building Permitting Solution

Building Permitting

Clariti Business Licensing Solution

Business Licensing

Clariti Professional Licensing Solution

Professional Licensing

Clariti Platform Solution

Clariti Enterprise


Clariti Permit Software Buyers Guide

Permit Software Buyers Guide: Everything You Need to Know

In this comprehensive guide, learn all about permit software and how to make an informed buying decision, including: how it works to support citizens and staff; key features; expected ROI; how to put together a winning proposal; and more.

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Clariti Blog: A CBO's Tips for Hiring and Retaining Permitting and Inspections Staff

Blog: A CBO's Tips for Hiring and Retaining Permitting and Inspections Staff

Learn what worked for Former Chief Building Official Christine Brakefield, and how the right technology can improve the employee experience.

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Clariti makes 2023 list of Govtech Top 100 Companies

Press Release: Clariti Recognized as 2023 Govtech 100 Company

For the second consecutive year, Clariti has been recognized by award-winning magazine, Government Technology, as a Top 100 Govtech Company.

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