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Webinar On-Demand: How Orange County, California, Maintains a 10-Day Permit Turnaround

In this educational webinar, Orange County Public Works Permitting Managers share a behind-the-scenes look at the County’s digital permitting system, and how it facilitates a 10-day permit turnaround. Experience first-hand what it’s like to use government permitting software, with a process walkthrough through the eyes of different users, including an administrator, applicant, and inspector. 

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Our Communities, Our Responsibility.

With states and counties slowly relaxing restrictions in place used to combat COVID-19, our governments are required to find the best possible solution to keep our communities safe during these unpredictable times. Through collaboration, hard work, and research, we have come up with a solution ready to combat the high demand for safety inspections. 

We’ve deployed SafeStart, a proactive inspection management solution that helps our inspectors, citizens and business owners to assist our governments in enforcing new health and safety policies within our communities. Let’s keep our communities safe. 

Clariti | Revolutionize your agency

Revolutionize Your Agency.

Clariti's industry leading permitting and licensing software is trusted by state and local governments across North America to simplify and expedite processes and approvals. Automate and streamline your operations to save money, meet application demands, satisfy regulatory compliance, and achieve remarkable results.

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Respond and Adapt in Real-Time.

Free from any legacy system, with permitting and licensing software, your agency can scale as needed, when needed—giving you the power to meet your needs as they arise, on the always evolving Salesforce platform. With the only software of its kind built on Salesforce, you get the ease, security, support and reporting that thousands of governments trust. When homegrown solutions become obsolete, Clariti gives you the flexibility and power to adapt to your ever-changing environment and governing needs.

Streamline Processes and Increase Transparency | Clariti

Streamline Your Permitting and Licensing Processes and Workflows.

Give your citizens transparency into their application process and shorten approval times – keeping your community up-to-date and confident they're not being forgotten. Digitally transform your operations with permitting and licensing software to cut your processing time by 75%, and expand your team’s capacity like never before.

Worry-Free Compliance | Clariti

Worry-Free Compliance.

Ditch the outdated error-prone paper-based workflows and modernize your processes with digital reporting and payment reconciliation capabilities. Fulfill compliance requirements with clear and accurate audit trails, and quickly configure automated reports to track and capture historical data. Even the most complex transaction flows are easy to report on and gain visibility, so you can find and retrieve the information you need, when you need it.


Establish and Automate Enforcement.

With an intuitive user interface it’s easy for anyone to complete applications, and for employees to adapt to daily use. With built-in integrations like GIS, reporting dashboards and electronic payments, you can get going, right out-of-the-box. Customize your configurations without the need for custom developers using our Dynamic Rules Engine, and automatically craft all of the physical correspondence required with your robust, intelligent Letters Engine. Automating workflows has never been simpler.

Leading Permitting and Licensing Software for State and Local Governments.

Community Development

Community Development

Revitalize your building, planning and public works departments with a solution that ensures the right policies and regulations are governed the right way. From inspections to permits, and entitlements to certificates, your department can facilitate workflow processes effectively to meet growing demands—ensuring our communities can grow and thrive.

Economic Growth

Economic Growth

Gain access to a streamlined government licensing system that approves your citizens professional, business, trade and contractor licenses swiftly. Improve citizen and employee satisfaction with a fast and transparent application process that's adaptable to any industry regulatory changes—to fuel your growth not slow it.

Public Safety

Public Safety

Stay up to date and prioritize the safety of your community by managing your critical permitting and licensing functions online, all in one place. Maintain public safety with an efficient and automated process that ensures inspections and violations are attended to quickly and on time.

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Accelerate Your Permitting and Licensing Operations.

Save money, meet application demands, satisfy regulatory compliance, and achieve remarkable efficiencies.

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