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How Government Technology Can Help Address the Housing Affordability Crisis
On-Demand Webinar

Across North America, housing affordability has become one of the biggest issues facing local governments. Building permit volumes have been on the rise in most jurisdictions, but new housing builds lag woefully behind what’s required to curb unprecedented demand. 

Technology is being touted as the answer; stimulus has flooded in from state, provincial and federal governments to invest in software to speed up permit approvals. 

So, what is exactly technology’s role in addressing housing affordability? And what does a modern permitting system look like? How is it administered? 

Sri Subramanian, one of North America’s foremost experts in government building permitting, will be covering this topic in this on-demand educational webinar. With 20+ years working with cities and regional governments across North America to implement leading building permitting software, Sri shares his insights into the issue and how forward-thinking governments are investing in technology to accelerate housing development.

You’ll also see best practice on

  • Online Permitting Application Portal
  • Internal Automation
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • How to enable non IT staff to maintain a land management system


Sri Subramanian | Clariti VP Industry Alliances

Sri Subramanian
VP -  Industry Alliances

Jason Green | Clariti Solutions Engineer

Jason Green
Solutions Engineer

Natasha Ulanowski | Clariti Demand Generation Manager

Natasha Ulanowski
Marketing Manager

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