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APA NPC 2021 Session Recording - How Can Planners Keep Pace With the Changing Landscape and Ensure Post-Pandemic Growth?

In this insightful session from the 2021 National Planning Conference, industry experts from Clariti discuss the building boom and shifting urban landscapes, the challenges planning professionals face in ensuring sustainable recovery, and how new technology can support planning departments across America. Faced with a housing boom in the suburbs and staggered central business districts, can planners overcome considerable hurdles and help support sustainable and equitable recovery for our communities? Yes, and technology can help.

Topics covered in the session:

  • How Planners can use technology to make faster and more beneficial land use decisions.
  • The benefits of using a digital application portal when engaging with community planning departments.  
  • How planners can leverage American Rescue Plan Funding to modernize their work environments.


Roger Bassam Clariti Business Development Executive

Roger Bassam

Business Development Executive

Todd Drake Senior Solutions Consultant Clariti

Todd Drake

Senior Solutions Consultant

Jeremy Bosch Senior Director of Marketing Clariti

Jeremy Bosch

Senior Director of Marketing

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