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The American Rescue Plan Roundtable: How Governments Can Use Technology to Drive Economic Growth

In this joint roundtable session with Incapsulate, leading government experts, Murtaza Masood, former LA Department CIO and Deneen Pyle Tercan, Senior Director of Solutions at Clariti discussed the best opportunities to support your local economic recovery and the staff responsible for critical services.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • The economic impacts of COVID-19 for governments that invested in technology pre-pandemic vs those that didn't
  • Successful government projects  -  What works, what doesn't, and where to focus resourcing for the best results
  • Technology advancements on internal and community change management 
  • ROI of permitting and licensing programs to support getting people back to work and to kickstart development


Murtaza - Incapsulate

Murtaza Masood
Former Department CIO
Los Angeles County

Deneen Leadership Blog

Deneen Pyle Tercan
Senior Director of Solutions

Steve - Incapsulate
Steve Carter
Jeremy Website Transparent

Jeremy Bosch
Senior Director of Marketing

Watch the Webinar