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Ensuring Elevator and Building Safety in the State of Massachusetts

To comply with safety requirements and help expedite inspections, the State of Massachusetts turned to Clariti’s cloud-based permitting and licensing software to replace its heavily paper-based legacy system. The State’s ongoing development boom demanded that a new system be able to keep up with ever-accelerating growth.

Since moving online, the State has issued over 5000 permits, completed over 50,000 inspections, and has processed over $20 million worth of transactions.

“We wanted a product that ensured happy customers externally,” explained Ellen Christy, CIO, Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, Commonwealth of Massachusetts. “It had to be seamless and adopted by the business owners quickly.”

Clariti helps governments streamline permitting, licensing, and compliance processes, including safety inspections for elevators; and provides a transparent online process for applicants that both enhances citizen engagement, and drastically cuts down on approval times.

Putting the Customer First

Impressed by its user-focused design, intuitive interface, and scalability of the Salesforce platform; and with positive reference from another Massachusetts state department using the system with great success, Ellen’s team felt confident to move forward with Clariti.

"[Their] team was really good about settling the dust and making us feel comfortable. Knowing the support was there as we went along was a big plus.”
- Ellen Christy, Massachusetts Office of Housing and Economic Development

“We can’t have systems that are always down or have issues. I mean, I do have those systems. I wish I didn’t, but I do. And it’s disruptive. But I don't have those situations with [this] product at all."

“I don't hear from our business users on the platform’s instability, its operation, or functions being problematic. For me, that says it’s an excellent product to support from an IT perspective. It just helps take one item off my list that I’d have to worry about.”
- Ellen Christy, Massachusetts Office of Housing and Economic Development

Given the number of skyscrapers and buildings on the rise -- with over $5.6 billion of new approved development in Boston in 2019 alone -- and audits and public safety inspections increasing -- Massachusetts will continue to work with Clariti to ensure satisfaction between citizens and civil servants is met through streamlining their workflow processes.

“Clariti is always available.” Ellen continued. “If we reach out to make improvements to the system, they’re quick to turn around a proposal. Even going further by digging deeper into what we’ve asked for. They define the requirements, offering suggestions on how their platform could do things differently."

Easy and Hassle-Free

“It’s a good company. It’s easy and hassle-free for me, and that’s important. Believe me, I have other systems that could be more streamlined, they require more oversight and hold a lot of complaints as they’re not intuitive."
- Ellen Christy, Massachusetts Office of Housing and Economic Development

“It gives us a level of confidence, knowing [the team’s knowledge of their] products and the industry. That’s really important to us. I find them very attentive and very responsive. If we have any issues or have a question, they’re always willing to jump on a call to help us understand what we’re looking for."

You can learn more about Clariti's Building Permitting Solution and how it can support your organization's unique and complex needs here.

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