Dona Ana County Selects Clariti's Community Development Software

June 13, 2023

Clariti is thrilled to announce a partnership with Dona Ana County, New Mexico, to modernize its Community Development services, including land use, permitting, inspections and code enforcement. Avocette Technologies, a trusted Clariti partner, will implement the Clariti Community Development platform.

Dona Ana County is the second largest county in New Mexico, mainly serving unincorporated areas with a total population of approximately 220,000. With the county government responsible for over 3,800 square miles, providing online access to permit, inspection, and code enforcement services is a major priority. 

Community Development Director Christina Ainsworth says they want to improve service levels by launching an online portal and digital back-office to improve efficiency. 

“We want to eliminate the need for permit applicants to drive to the county office to submit plans and supporting documents, as well as provide the ability for them to track inspections and code enforcement request statuses online. Our staff receives over 3000 calls a month, so getting more time back to focus on value-add activities will enhance our ability to support the county’s growing development industry.”

Dona Ana County doesn’t have a formal Community Development system; instead, they rely on email, phone calls and over-the-counter service. 

“The County is also looking forward to improved data analysis capabilities. The ability to build our own reports and share this information with 100+ subscribers, including our homebuilder’s association and local realtors, will be a major benefit both in providing better information to key stakeholders and in time savings for staff who manually compile this information,” says Ainsworth.

Dona Ana is the latest county to join Clariti’s rapidly growing customer base. 

“We look forward to bringing best practices from government agencies we support like Orange County, California, Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, and Yolo County, California, to help build a modern system that Dona Ana County will use for years to come,” says Jake Dancyger, Co-CEO, Clariti.

Have questions or want more information? Learn more about Clariti's Community Development Software here; or, get in touch with our team.

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