Permitting and Licensing Software: What You Need to Know

March 5, 2021

Permitting and licensing software, hosted either on-premise or in the cloud, offers a complete solution for governments to digitize permitting and licensing processes and activities. It allows individuals and businesses to access government services online 24/7/365, and for agency staff to manage these services more efficiently through one centralized portal. Explained simply, it streamlines and improves staffs’ day-to-day tasks, and provides a straightforward shopping-like experience for customers to apply for and manage a permit or license online - whether it’s a building permit or business license.

Built to eliminate duplicate and unnecessary administrative work and mirror the user-friendly experience of other online consumer services, a modern permitting and licensing system can help governments meet and exceed customers’ expectations for accessible, hassle-free online services.

What does it do?

A permitting and licensing solution works to significantly reduce permit and license wait times, improve the customer and staff experience, boost productivity, and optimize processes and day-to-day tasks. It offers one solution to power every permitting and licensing workflow - from application and intake, to review, inspection, approval and issuance - and provides powerful features like GIS, real-time reporting and dashboards, and online payments

For customers, electronic permitting and licensing, or e-permitting and e-licensing, offers the convenience of 24/7 remote access to government services from any device (mobile, tablet, computer), and the ability to apply for and obtain a permit or license independently, without ever needing to go to a government office, or interact with staff by phone or mail. 

Applicants gain complete transparency into the process, and can check their application status in real-time. With just one login, users can see their current and past applications, request and schedule an inspection, find data about their community such as building and property history, or check the status and timelines of community projects and infrastructure repairs. 

Similarly, government departments experience many of the same benefits and more, such as complete operational transparency, access to real-time information, simpler and faster processes, and the ability to manage complex workflows seamlessly online. 

Especially with support from a clicks-to-configure system and self-service community portal, staff are empowered to work more efficiently with less time spent on repetitive administrative tasks that can be automated; freedom from phone inquiries and office visits that take up valuable time; and the ability to make system updates and workflow changes without code.

All in all, an efficient permitting and licensing solution is equally beneficial to customers and staff with complete functionality to review and approve permits and licenses quickly and compliantly.

Key Functionality

Front and Back Office Workflow Management
  • Automate key permitting tasks such as application submission, permit review, payment processing, and issuance.
  • Customize workflows with clicks, not code, to meet the specific and complex needs of any department or agency.
  • Set up automated notifications and alerts for staff and applicants.
  • Configure automatic inspection scheduling based on custom defined rules and inspector availability.
Back Office Portal
Customer Self-Service
  • Initiate permit and license applications online, submit all required documents, and pay fees.
  • Track applications in real-time. 
  • File complaints and report incidents that are then automatically routed to the correct teams for investigation.
  • Search for information about a property, current work order, etc., on a real-time map.
Clariti Online Community Portal
  • View task lists, capture pictures and videos and submit reports on mobile devices, for a fully digital experience in the field. 
  • Access all data related to the inspection in one record, including permit and inspection history, violations, and submitted documents. 
  • Automatically assign and schedule reviews inspections based on the optimized route (using GIS data).

Clariti Permitting and Licensing Inspections

Reporting & Dashboards
  • Create custom reports without code or IT support - use clicks, not code.
  • Schedule reports to run and distribute to users automatically. 
  • Get a 360° view into business operations and performance.

Clariti Permitting and Licensing Solution | Reporting and Dashboards

Comprehensive Financials
  • Manage everyday financial workflows and transactions from end-to-end.
  • Connect to any ERP solution.
  • Ensure accurate and timely fee collection.
  • Process payments and refunds online via a smart payment cart.

Clariti Financials for Permitting and Licensing

  • View data in real-time and input changes from the field using a mobile device or tablet.
  • Visualize data using the map viewer that shows permits, inspections and other activities.

Clariti Permitting Solution | GIS Integration


These features and capabilities not only improve and accelerate processes, but can contribute to a considerable increase in government revenue, too. Given that licensing, permitting, and inspections services account for a large portion of state and local budgets, making these services more efficient can result in a significant boost to revenue coming from licensing and permitting fees, property tax, leasing costs, and an increase in construction activity. 

If building permits are approved faster, and licenses granted quicker, development will increase, more businesses will open, and employment will grow. And for the 25% of U.S. professionals that require a license to do their jobs, speeding up and simplifying the licensing process supports an easier, less complicated entry into the job market. 

The Institute for Justice estimates that due to the inefficiencies and issues of traditional paper-based or largely paper-based occupational licensing methods, licensing may cost the U.S. economy in the range of 1.8 million jobs, $6.2 billion in lost output, and upwards of $183.9 billion in misallocated resources each year.

As explained in the article, Digitizing Licensing and Permitting a Win-Win for Local Governments and Constituents, “the digitization of licensing, permitting and inspection services... represents the next phase of digital transformation in the public sector. Digital licensing, permitting, and inspections services will help governments address immediate issues associated with the pandemic, and will provide longer-term dividends for employees and constituents.” 

Interested to learn more about how Clariti could support your permitting and licensing programs? Check out our easy-to-use solutions for state and local governments.

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