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Certify qualified professionals and protect the public's safety and welfare with confidence. By choosing Clariti, you get rid of bottlenecks all while ensuring you maintain strict regulatory compliance. Take the hassle out of the equation with Clariti's Professional Licensing Solution.

Clariti Professional Licensing Solution for Government


Ready to dramatically streamline your professional licensing process all while ensuring you maintain health and safety regulations? With Clariti's Professional Licensing Solution, your team can stop worrying about missed renewals, departmental errors, or non-compliance once and for all. Experience seamless license management with the features you need to navigate the demands of your day. 

Professional Licensing Community Portal

Online Community Portal

Accessible online self-service.

Provide an effortless way for applicants to submit, pay for, and renew their license with a smart, responsive, and fully-configurable community portal that’s unique to you. Applicants only submit the information you need, and correspondence and issuance can all be handled online without any in-person interaction with staff, so the whole process is quicker and more straightforward for everyone. Even as licensing requirements change, you can maintain the status quo, with the ability to make changes to forms or application requirements without code.

Clariti Professional Licensing Integrations


All of your tools under one roof.

Our system seamlessly integrates with all of your tools. Our key integrations enable you to smooth out your current processes so you can sail through license issuance without a hitch. Create a peaceful work environment by speeding up the internal collaboration process and being able to issue licenses faster than you could ever imagine.

Professional Licensing Reports and Dashboards


Unlimited reports at the ready.

Sky really is the limit when it comes to creating reports and dashboards within our Professional Licensing Solution. Create a report or dashboard using whatever data you need to analyze in a few clicks. Data is updated in real-time to ensure you’re capturing the current picture, and can be accessed from wherever you are, in whatever format you choose.

Professional Licensing Correspondence


Reduce repetitive communication.

Say goodbye to tedious manual correspondence. Whether you need to email different license expiry notices every week or simply set an alert for upcoming expiries 60 days in advance, Clariti handles it automatically. Dynamic document creation ensures licenses, notices, and other printed materials are generated without any manual work.

Professional Licensing Process Automation

Process Automation

Powerful financial capabilities at your fingertips.

Let's face it, the way you process license applications is unique - you need flexibility to add and remove requirements depending on the use-case. That’s where our highly configurable license application workflows come in, allowing you to create a unique journey for each of your different license types. Our interface is so responsive, you can even update your workflow steps simply by dragging and dropping them to where you need them to be.

Clariti Financials


Smart financial & payment capabilities.

Feel good about the way you process and manage licensing revenue. Clariti financials comes complete with all of the financial capabilities you need to invoice; process payments, refunds, or deposits; easily reconcile payments and accounts; and manage subledgers. Your transactions can be automatically captured and pushed into any ERP system, and online payments can be processed by Clariti's built-in, cost-competitive virtual payment gateway or any other processor of your choice.

Professional Licensing Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Automated real-time updates.

Elevate your agency's production to levels you've never imagined. Give your constituents access to practical communication tools and notifications that allow you to dramatically speed up the internal collaboration process. Issue permits faster than ever before, and achieve a leading level of service you can be proud of.

Clariti Online Inspections Management


Inspections on-the-go.

Inspections are managed entirely online, whether you're in the office or on the field. Using simple navigation features, you can optimize your team's work day within a few minutes. Since all of your inspections are automatically linked to the permit application process, you will automatically move to the next logical step once the inspection is completed.

Real People. Real Challenges. Real Solutions.

“Clariti is great to work with. They know us and make it a point to know our systems. As far as customer service goes, they are one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with.”
Clariti Customer Story State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission

Erika Hoppes
State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission

“It was extremely helpful during COVID…we never had to interrupt our service…[and] while a lot of cities were having to close, we were able to continue our services.”
Clariti Customer Orange County California Webinar

Laree Alonso
Orange County California Public Works

“Our permitting solution meets everything we need. It’s the first thing I have up in the morning, and the last thing I see when I log out.”
Clariti Customer City of Sterling, Illinois

Hilda Thielen
City of Sterling, Illinois

What to Expect When You Partner With Clariti

With automation, an online community portal, and key integrations to make your day easier, you can smooth out your current licensing process in order to issue professional licenses without a hitch.

Clariti offers an effortless experience for citizens and staff

An Effortless Experience

Our system is easy to configure, and works seamlessly with your other tools. There is no heavy lifting needed from IT - our solutions work the way you need them to, right from the start. Unlike other permitting and licensing solutions that require complex backend work to make any alterations, with Clariti, your team holds the power to manage and update workflows, fields, the look and layout of your community portal, and more with the click of a mouse. The updates and changes you want are right at your fingertips.

Clariti's Building Permit Software is the #1 most reliable solution

A Team-Effort and Fast Go-Live

Ensure your team can keep issuing permits and licenses without the worry of a massive system overhaul that could slow them down. We know that permitting and licensing is a full-time job. That’s why our team is dedicated to finding the best-fit solution to meet your organization’s unique needs, and supporting you through the quickest implementation process on the market, so you can keep moving forward. Even after go-live, our team is there to help - we’re expert problem solvers, 365 days of the year.

Clariti offers government teams a rewarding development opportunity

An Employer of Choice

Put your staff in a position to succeed with an industry-leading system that puts the power to influence service quality, and ownership of the entire citizen experience in the hands of the people who use it every day. Empower your staff with a system they can make their own, and that meets modern expectations, so you can attract and retain the top talent in the public sector.

See an end to building permit backlogs with Clariti

A Solution You Can Count On

Never worry about downtime, functionality gaps, or security with a solution built on the world's most secure and flexible platform, and support from a Clariti team member whenever you need it. You'll also get access to 360° real-time reporting, so you can analyze your department's performance and revenue generated from day 1.

Effortlessly Manage Your Professional Licensing Needs with Clariti 

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