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Permit Guide

Help your customers apply for a permit with a unique checklist that walks them through the application process.

Camino Guide | Permit Software

Results you can measure

Camino Guide helps decrease customer phone calls by 20%
Camino Guide helps decrease counter visits by 70%
Camino Guide helps speed up permit issuance time by 35%

Set every applicant up for success

Provide easy-to-follow permit application instructions

Provide easy-to-follow instructions

Simplify every permitting process with a smart, 3-minute questionnaire that generates the instructions and forms your customers need to complete their application.

Make permitting project expectations clear

Make expectations clear from the start

Provide an upfront summary of a project’s required permits, fees, and approval timelines so applicants know what to expect and when.

Enable customers to find helpful information online to save staff time

Spend less time helping customers

Centralize all of your information so applicants can find the resources and help they need to navigate the permitting process online.

Keep your permit counter open online 24/7

Extend your business hours

Keep your front counter open 24/7 online so customers can access the services and information they need, when they need it.

Easily build your Camino Guide in days

Implement your guide in days

Easily build out the logic behind your guide using a visual, drag-and-drop tool. No coding required.

Speed up everyday permitting processes

Use the Permit Guide on its own or together with your existing permit software

The Permit Guide works best alongside the Camino or Clariti platform, but can be used as a standalone tool to complement any permitting system. No complex integration required.

“The Permit Guide serves our team well now, [and will] into the future. [It’s] flexible enough to easily make adjustments to codes, regulations, statutes, and ordinance changes.”
Camino Guide Customer Quote | City of Pleasant Hill, California

Chief Building Inspector

“I was able to customize and build out our [permitting] processes in Camino without frustration due to the ease of use that the back end of the software provides.”
Camino Guide Customer Quote | McKinney, Texas

Business Systems Analyst


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