Building Permitting

Go 100% digital with building permit software that makes the permitting experience easier for customers and staff.

Trusted by some of the largest and fastest growing communities in North America

Manage everything from permit applications to issuance online

Simplify even the most complex processes with our fully-equipped digital permitting toolbox and automation.

Stay aligned and ahead of schedule with one central permitting hub to do it all

Reduce permit issuance time with Clariti's building permit software

Reduce issuance time by 50%+*

Achieve an impressively quick permit turnaround time with a fully digital process.
* As reported by Clariti customers

Decide how your software works with Clariti's clicks-to-configure permitting software

Decide how your software works

Use clicks to manage and update processes and workflows.

Find all permitting-related information in one place with Clariti's so-it-all solution

Work with one source of truth

Find all of the permitting-related information you need in one place.

Answer questions before they're asked with the Clariti Portal

Answer questions before they're asked

Reduce customer enquiries with online information to answer frequently asked questions.

Provide a winning customer experience with the Clariti Portal

Provide a winning customer experience

Make it easy for customers to understand and complete every permitting step via the online portal.

Issue building permits quicker to make contractors happy

Make contractors happy

Issue building permits quicker so contractors can fast-track project timelines and potentially cut costs.

“Clariti makes everything a million times easier. The system is easy to use and easy to navigate.”
Quote from an Aspen Field Inspector about Clariti's permitting software making everything easier

Building Inspector

“With Clariti, anything you can do in person, you can do online - it even accommodates our large-scale developers’ needs.”
Quote from an Orange County Public Works permitting manager about managing community development with Clariti's permitting software.

Permitting Manager

“As far as customer services goes, [Clariti] is one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with.”
Quote from a Business Analyst about Clariti as a permitting and licensing software vendor

Business Analyst


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