About Clariti

We’re on a mission to help governments of all sizes deliver exceptional experiences.

At Clariti, we believe that organizations should be able to dictate how their software works. To us, that means providing our customers with permitting software that’s maintained with clicks, not code, to relieve pressure on technical resources and better support citizens and staff.

Formed in 2008 as the first public sector AppExchange partner on the Salesforce platform, Clariti has since become the fastest-growing permitting and licensing software company in North America, and is trusted by some of the largest and most influential local governments across Canada and the United States.

Clariti named to 2024 Govtech Top 100 list
Clariti Govtech 100 Company 2022
Globe and Mail 2022 Canada's Top Growing Companies
Clariti Govtech Internatial 10
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Our Values

Clariti company value: build relentlessly

Build Relentlessly

We’re a team of builders on an exciting journey to bring innovation to government: we envision a world where citizen services are easy to access, and issuing permits and licenses is a quick and straightforward process free of stress. We’re relentlessly committed to going above and beyond expectations to provide solutions that are easy for every user - not just those that are tech-savvy.

Learn constantly

Learn Constantly

We understand that change is a constant - especially in the public sector. Policies and requirements frequently shift, and we need to be quick to adapt along with our government partners. That’s why we value perpetual learning in every facet of our organization. To create the biggest positive impact, we’re continuously improving our skills and expanding our knowledge to ensure we provide leading-edge technology, and the best support for our customers.

Clariti value: communicate courageously

Communicate Courageously

We take honesty seriously. Whether in conversations with coworkers, or communication with our customers, we communicate openly and honestly, even if it’s the hard truth. We want what’s best for our customers, and we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo.

Clariti value: Act with integrity

Act with Integrity

What do we do when no one is watching? We demonstrate our integrity. We do what we say we’re going to do. Our actions will always be guided by an effort to do the right thing. Given our responsibility to each other and our customers, behaving ethically is a critical—and elemental—part of our success. We do the right thing because there is no alternative at Clariti.

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