The City of Tampa, Florida, Simplifies Permitting Process with Camino

May 13, 2024

To help first-time permit applicants and homeowners navigate the residential permitting process, the City of Tampa has implemented Clariti’s Camino Guide to use alongside its permit system. The city’s guide, named Permit Navigator (PermitNav for short), simplifies the permitting pre-application process to help customers quickly identify what permits they need for their project, and the necessary steps to submit their application correctly.

Screenshot PermitNav: The City of Tampa's Camino GuideThe city's Permit Guide

“The average homeowner doesn’t understand the permitting process and it can be quite confusing,” said JC Hudgison, Chief Building Official/Construction Services Manager for the City of Tampa. “We have had residents spend hours applying for a commercial permit when what they really needed was a residential one. With the Camino Guide, applicants can now navigate the application process in a much faster, easy-to-understand way, ensuring they apply for the right permit.

In addition to simplifying the process for residents, the Camino Guide helps ensure applicants get their submissions right the first time without assistance from city staff. It uses GIS to ensure instructions given for a project account for all location-specific zoning rules and regulations so that nothing is missed. Residents will have a clear understanding of what is needed so staff can spend less time answering questions and more time on reviews and approvals.

Since 2020, Tampa has seen a steady increase in the number of residential permit applications. The city processes approximately 26,000 permits annually and expects the volume of submissions to increase.

“Like most progressive cities, Tampa was looking for a technology solution to help make permitting services easy and straightforward for homeowners,” said Cyrus Symoom, Co-CEO of Clariti. “We’re thrilled that the city chose the Guide as its solution of choice, joining so many other local jurisdictions with the same goals of simplifying the permitting experience for customers and staff.” 

Tampa is located along Florida’s Gulf Coast and offers a multi-cultural, diverse business center with sustainable communities for its nearly 400,000 residents. PermitNav is currently available at

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