East Bay Regional Park District Selects Clariti's Permitting Software

January 13, 2022

East Bay Regional Park District Selects Clariti's Permitting Software

Clariti, alongside implementation specialist Avocette Technologies, is excited to formally announce that East Bay Regional Park District in Northern California has selected the Clariti solution to digitally transform and streamline its currently paper-based permitting system.

Part of the Bay Area, the district manages over 120,000 acres of land, 55 miles of shoreline, 73 parks and close to 1500 miles of trails across two counties, and is responsible for issuing all park permits, including encroachment permits, temporary park access permits and public right-of-ways. Using Clariti’s Permitting Software, the district will consolidate its permitting functions into one system that will allow staff to complete every step of the process digitally - from intake to review to inspection to issuance - and applicants to manage their applications online through a self-serve community portal. The transition will provide applicants with full transparency into the status of their permit, and staff a 360° view of district activities.

“We are excited to partner with the team at East Bay to digitize their permitting processes, allow for online payments, and deliver an exceptional experience to their community. It has been motivating to see their enthusiasm towards digital transformation and we're confident in a strong partnership for decades to come.”

- Cyrus Symoom, Co-CEO, Clariti

In partnering with Clariti, East Bay Parks aims to centralize information that currently lives across multiple applications, improve communication with stakeholders, and streamline the permitting process to make it easy for staff and applicants. Right now, the district relies on paper-based permitting processes, so turnaround times are not as timely as the department would like. 

By leveraging Clariti’s Permitting Solution and centralizing information in one system, district staff will be better supported to enforce park-use regulations, and to reduce the time it takes to issue permits for uses such as camping, temporary access, and filming. Going digital will also help ensure environmental compliance in the region’s parks, as inspectors will have access to the land and permit records they need to make sure no steps are missed, and nothing is overlooked. 

Supported by a low-maintenance, easy-to-use system that can be maintained with minimal IT support, East Bay Parks will be able to manage the entire permitting process in one place, and even support all forms of payment for permits online - a big time-and-effort-saver for the department. Ultimately, 100% digital services and centralized permit workflows will help the district deliver an exceptional permitting experience for citizens and staff.

Both the Clariti and Avocette Technologies teams are excited to work closely with the East Bay Regional Park District to modernize its permitting processes in order to support staff in keeping up with permit demand, and to support the district’s mission of preserving the region’s natural and cultural resources for all to enjoy now and into the future.

About Clariti

Clariti is a 100% software-as-a-service (SaaS) company offering innovative and empowering permitting and licensing software for state and local governments. Trusted by governments of all sizes across North America, our industry-leading solutions provide government agencies with a suite of features and functionality to expedite and improve everyday permitting, licensing, and inspection processes.

About Avocette

Avocette is a full-service IT company that’s been providing clients with solutions to meet their needs since 1977.  We’re experienced in the challenges of permitting and licensing software, as demonstrated in more than 80 successful implementations for local and state governments. Our friendly team of industry experts will work diligently to help you achieve your goals and support these solutions throughout their lifecycle.

About East Bay Parks

The East Bay Regional Parks District comprises parklands and trails in the Alameda and Contra Costa counties to the east of San Francisco, California. The District manages all park use permits for 125,000 acres of land, and works closely with multiple stakeholders to ensure environmental compliance and preservation of the region's parks, trails and shoreline. 

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