Clariti Co-CEO’s Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Social Impact

December 16, 2021

Clariti Co-CEO’s Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Social Impact

In recognition of their leadership and work to bring innovative technology to the public sector, last week, Clariti Co-CEO’s Jake Dancyger and Cyrus Symoom were named to Forbes’ 2022 list of 30 Under 30 making a Social Impact. The annual list features leaders making a positive impact in society, whether through technology, grassroots movements, or other initiatives. For Jake and Cyrus, their mission remains constant: to help bridge the gap between governments and the communities they serve with technology. 

Drawn to the opportunity to make a difference in the government services people use every day, the two have successfully positioned the company to be the permitting and licensing software of choice for some of North America’s leading state and local governments. Using Clariti, organizations such as the State of Massachusetts, Orange County, California, and the cities of Aspen and San Diego, are able to offer critical services online via an easily accessible online self-service community portal, saving applicants time and effort; and staff are able to process applications on average 50% faster or more with the help of smart features to support every step of the process.

In the same timeframe, the company experienced revenue growth of 50%+, the team more than doubled in size, and the newest of the company’s permitting and licensing solutions was released: the most easy-to-use building permitting solution on the market. Pre-configured and packed with features built specifically to improve and speed-up the building permit issuance process, Clariti’s Building Permitting Solution aims to help governments solve common challenges felt across the industry, most critically delays and backlogs. The solution is quick-to-implement, easy for anyone to use, and designed to make each step of the building permit approvals process quicker and less complex (you can read more on the benefits of building permit software here). 

It’s been an exciting few years for Clariti under the leadership of Jake and Cyrus, and the team’s looking forward to continuing the momentum into 2022! 

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