Clariti and Avolve Launch Pre-Configured ProjectDox Integration

October 20, 2022

Clariti, provider of easy-to-use and empowering permitting and licensing solutions, and Avolve Software, a global leader in electronic plan review, have partnered together to launch a pre-configured, plug-and-play permitting and ePlan review integration for state and local governments. Offering complementary functionality from Clariti’s Permitting Solution and Avolve’s ProjectDox, the integrated system creates a single source of truth for permitting and plan review work streams that ensures all teams and tasks stay in sync.

“In a time when governments are facing increasing pressure to fast-track development approvals, we’re excited to partner with Avolve to provide a leading solution for agencies dealing with high permitting volumes and complex project demands.”

-Cyrus Symoom, Co-CEO, Clariti

Requiring no customization, the integration comes complete with all of the features and functionality applicants and staff need to easily navigate the permitting and review process. 

“We believe that working alongside partners, we can offer powerful combined solutions to jurisdictions looking to increase efficiency and collaboration across their entire permitting ecosystem. We are excited by this new partnership with Clariti that enables government agencies to have more choice and access market-leading technology. ProjectDox for Clariti enables jurisdictions to attract development and process a higher volume of permit applications without the need for additional staff.”

- Jason Matthews, Chief Channel Officer, Avolve Software

With ProjectDox embedded in the Clariti Portal and Back Office Console, applicants can view and complete their assigned ProjectDox tasks during their permit application. In addition, staff can freely move between the two solutions to access and make comments, markups, and reviews. Data is automatically synced to eliminate manual file transfers and updates during the permit lifecycle.

For permitting, plan review, and inspections staff, the seamless transfer of information between the two solutions will significantly reduce administration time.

Available now, governments can take advantage of a comprehensive set of features and functionality of the combined solutions, including:

  • An easy-to-navigate review process for applicants with guided steps and free movement between the two solutions via the embedded Project Dox Task Manager component on the Clariti Portal.
  • Multi-page file and sheet version management showing previous plan versions so staff can easily view changes and comments.  
  • Intelligent time stamping. 
  • The ability to track and manage all plan reviews from ProjectDox.
  • Automated bi-directional milestone updates.
  • Access to comments and tasks assigned on ProjectDox through the Clariti Portal. Applicants can easily access and complete assigned ProjectDox tasks, see the status of a review, and check their reviewed plans.
  • Automatic syncing of markups and comments made in ProjectDox to Clariti. No manual file transfers or updates required.

The two companies are proud to offer a managed integration that will equally benefit applicants and staff involved in the government permitting process.

About Clariti

Clariti is a 100% software-as-a-service (SaaS) company offering innovative and empowering permitting and licensing solutions for state and local governments. Trusted by governments of all sizes across North America, our solutions support effortless permitting and licensing management, and on average, 50-75% quicker turnaround times.

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About Avolve Software

Avolve Software is the global leader in electronic plan review software. With more than 250 customers across five countries, Avolve’s significant investment in research and development ensures that its plan review solutions meet the needs of jurisdictions of all sizes. Its leading solutions ProjectDox and DigEplan, automate and streamline the permitting process, removing the inefficiencies of paper or non-integrated plan review solutions. The solutions ensure a robust and proven electronic plan review that enhances jurisdiction productivity and economic growth.

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