Welcome to Clariti: The Future of Public Sector Software

July 7, 2020

For more than a decade, BasicGov has been a pioneer in providing multi-tenant, true cloud solutions for the public sector. 

We’ve witnessed thousands of challenges faced by public sector agencies that have to keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory environment as well as the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s citizens. We’ve seen the issues that come with outdated on-premise technology that is difficult to maintain and support -- or, even worse -- paper-based processes that simply do not scale. We've developed a deep understanding of how to improve government technology to better serve the public. 

Following the growth investment and bolstered leadership from Explora Partners earlier this year against the backdrop of COVID-19, the public sector has experienced an unprecedented need for rapid innovation -- and we knew this was the right time to rebrand our company to match our mission of empowering governments to serve efficiently.

We are excited to introduce you to Clariti. 


What Clariti means for you  

A truly modern solution warrants a truly innovative brand —one that will withstand the test of time. Our new identity embraces the same permitting & licensing solutions you know and love, but with a fresh perspective and renewed focus on empowering governments to efficiently serve. 

We want to give you—our citizens and governments — clarity into governing the licensing and permitting process, with trust and transparency between the community and the managerial forces that bring us all together. 

Here is what to expect from Clariti going forward:

You have a Government Partner, not a Government Provider.

Clariti is not a software provider, but a software partner. We work with our customers to understand their challenges so we can collaborate and ensure a long-term scalable solution for their needs. We invest in deep relationships with our integration partners to ensure the best experience for our customers. We seek to understand their challenges and stand ready to guide both our customers and partners towards our easy-to-use solutions.

You can trust us.

All too often, city, county, state, and provincial governments have become victims of moving too slow. They realize the need for change but are leery of those offering it. They are looking for someone that they can depend on over the long-term nature of a workflow solution. Clariti builds trust every day by doing what we say and delivering what we promise. We can be relied upon to solve  their needs, not sell them what we want. Our customers know we’ll be there to guide them through implementation and provide support whenever it’s needed. The more government agencies use our solution, the more they trust it and us.

You can count on us to understand your needs.

Since the founding of our original parent company, Municipal Solutions Group, in 1985, we’ve accumulated decades of experience to understand the world of licensing and permitting. We combine vast experience with industry-leading expertise. We’ve adapted our solution to dozens of government agencies in North America and have learned from each implementation. Our solutions have been designed to provide a more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective way to provide valuable and needed services to citizens and businesses alike.

You can rely on us to bring innovation that no one else can.

We’re not here just to provide government agencies with a solution that solves their issues today, but design solutions to adapt to their needs decades into the future. We have combined the ability to streamline any government’s licensing and permitting process with the security, scalability, and intuitive reporting as the only cloud solution on the Salesforce platform. Our dynamic rules engine allows governments to provide process automation without code or custom system approaches. Other features include easy-to-publish reports and easy-to-use dashboards, Esri GIS connectors, a letters engine, and payment cart and fund accounting. With proven solutions, it’s no wonder that Clariti has been named one of GovTech’s 2020 Top 10 International Companies in the government technology industry.

For more information, please contact us at info@claritisoftware.com or schedule your demo here. Thank you for being a part of our journey - we're looking forward to sharing this next exciting chapter with you.               

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