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Transform your community's development and well-being with the most intuitive, reliable solutions on the market. We offer effortless solutions to manage government permits, inspections, and licenses on a platform you can truly rely on. Reach a new level of service delivery your staff can be proud of, and that exceeds your citizens’ expectations.  

Clariti Permitting and Licensing Solutions for Government

Access the World's Most Secure and Reliable Platform

What does 99.9%+ uptime mean to you? To us, it means trust. Reliability. Peace of mind. Clariti is the only permitting and licensing software purpose-built for governments that is 100% hosted on the cloud - and we're proud of it. By working entirely from the cloud, you'll benefit from unmatched data security, instant real-time updates, and accessibility for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to see why Clariti is best for your constituents.

Clariti Government Building Permit Software

Building Permitting Solution

Deliver industry-leading service with a Building Permitting Solution that enables a 50%+ improvement in your turnaround time. Complete with an easy-to-manage online application portal for citizens, and a fully configurable back office system for staff, the experience is guaranteed to be easier for everyone. With centralized, accessible information and workflows, your staff and constituents can find what they need to do their job easily and efficiently.

Clariti Business Licensing Solution

Business Licensing Solution

Slash lengthy processing times for business licensees so you can drive economic development. Empower business owners to succeed by giving them access to an online application portal that allows for seamless license management. With the ability to pay fees online, and automatic renewal notifications, licensees can easily stay up to date. Provide a swift and convenient online solution for business licensing that you can be proud of.

Clariti Environmental Health Permitting and Enforcement Solution

Environmental Health Solution

Confidently protect public health and stay ahead of your permitting and enforcement needs with Clariti's Environmental Health Solution. Conveniently track the permit status of the facilities, equipment, and front-line workers responsible for your community's welfare. Proactively manage your inspections with the ability to automate workflows, schedule inspections, and issue notices with just a few clicks.

Clariti Professional Licensing Solution

Professional Licensing Solution

With our Professional Licensing Solution, you can easily meet application demands and serve thousands of licensees with one easy-to-support, self-service licensing platform - all while ensuring data privacy and integrity. Engage citizens and improve transparency by expediting your licensing processes with a government licensing solution that is designed to help you best serve the needs of your community.

Clariti Enterprise Permitting and Licensing Solution

Clariti Enterprise Solution

Reach peak operational efficiency with an ultra-flexible, fully configurable solution that's world-renowned for security, and built to fit your agency's unique needs. The current solution of choice for some of the most complex permitting and licensing structures in North America, the Clariti platform's flexibility is limitless: however complicated or niche, it can support any type of permitting and licensing activity.


What to Expect When You Partner With Clariti

Clariti offers an effortless experience

An Effortless Experience

Our system is easy to configure, and works seamlessly with your other tools. There is no heavy lifting needed from IT - our solutions work the way you need them to, right from the start. Unlike other permitting and licensing solutions that require complex backend work to make any alterations, with Clariti, your team holds the power to manage and update workflows, fields, the look and layout of your community portal, and more with the click of a mouse. The updates and changes you want are right at your fingertips.

Clariti is a solution you can count on

A Team Effort and Fast Go-Live

Ensure your team can keep issuing permits and licenses without the worry of a massive system overhaul that could slow them down. We know that permitting and licensing is a full-time job. That’s why our team is dedicated to finding the best-fit solution to meet your organization’s unique needs, and supporting you through the quickest implementation process on the market, so you can keep moving forward. Even after go-live, our team is there to help - we’re expert problem solvers, 365 days of the year.

Clariti offers a rewarding development opportunity

An Employer of Choice

Put your staff in a position to succeed with an industry-leading system that puts the power to influence service quality, and ownership of the entire citizen experience in the hands of the people who use it every day. Empower your staff with a system they can make their own, and that meets modern expectations, so you can attract and retain the top talent in the public sector.

With Clariti, you can say goodbye to backlogs

A Solution You Can Count On

Never worry about downtime, functionality gaps, or security with a solution built on the world's most secure and flexible platform, and support from a Clariti team member whenever you need it. You'll also get access to 360° real-time reporting, so you can analyze your department's performance and revenue generated from day 1.

"We’re excited that with Clariti, all of our permitting needs will be handled through the online community portal. This will greatly improve the experience for both citizens and staff.”
- Jack Ciulla, City of Santa Ana, California
"It's been great being able to access information whenever I need it.”

- Hilda Thielen, City of Sterling, Illinois
"Clariti is great to work with. They know us, and make it a point to know our systems. As far as customer service goes, they are one of the best vendors I've ever worked with.”
- Erika Hoppes, State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission

Our Solutions Make Permit and License Management Easy.

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