Webinar Recap: How Three Cities in Virginia Bettered Services

December 11, 2020

Webinar Recap: Government Permitting and 311 Software - How Three Cities in Virginia Bettered Services by Going Digital

In case you missed our recent webinar, industry experts from Clariti and Incapsulate share how, despite strict public health measures and limits to in-person interactions, cities in the State of Virginia, have sustained permitting and 311 services, and maintained exemplary customer service with a unified permitting, code enforcement, and 311 system. 

In the webinar, you’ll learn how three Virginia cities successfully integrated their government permitting and 311 systems to work seamlessly alongside one another.

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Four Key Webinar Takeaways

  1. A consolidated Government Permitting and 311 Solution simplifies processes, and ensures that critical services are hassle-free and easily accessible online.
  2. An online service portal provides citizens with 24/7 access to the services they need, and full transparency into the process.
  3. One centralized system allows staff to manage all permitting and 311 needs online in one place.
  4. Cloud-based services prevent service disruptions, and provide complete flexibility for governments to adapt to changes in regulation and demand.

Case in Point: Government Permitting Software and 311 Success in Virginia

By leveraging cloud-based software, the cities of Hampton, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, have ensured service continuity in times of crisis.

In the City of Hampton, their Community Development and 311 Solution resulted in a significant reduction in permit processing times, and faster approvals. Since going digital, 99% of new construction inspections are performed within 2 days of request, and 98% of commercial and residential plan reviews are conducted on time. 

Similarly, in the City of Norfolk, existing online self-serve capabilities for citizens and staff meant community development and code enforcement services were unaffected by pandemic shutdowns -- ensuring revenue streams were sustained, and development could continue as normal. 

And in the City of Virginia Beach, a custom-built portal for 311 and grant relief has drastically improved community development, and was critical to facilitating the swift distribution of the City’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Bill. 

Watch the Webinar Now

So, What can Government Permitting and 311 Software do for you?

Equally beneficial to citizens, businesses, and staff, a government permitting and 311 solution allows for 24/7 online access to essential services, and makes the process significantly more straightforward -- ensuring a hassle-free experience for all. Through a centralized online service portal, your staff can easily manage all tasks online - from applications, to complaints, to inspections and fee payments - and stakeholders can acquire permits, and submit 311 requests without ever stepping foot into a government office. 

With comprehensive features such as process automation, advanced reporting, and electronic document generation capabilities, your department can cut processing times by 75%, accelerate community development, and better 311 services.

What would this solution look like in your community? Request a demo today for a customized walkthrough of how Clariti Permitting and Licensing integrates with a 311 system. 

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