Clariti and Salesforce: Public Sector Foundation

September 30, 2020

Clariti and Salesforce: Public Sector Foundation

After months of planning and collaborating, we’re excited to finally share that our platform partner, Salesforce, is now launching Public Sector Solutions. This investment into the public sector ecosystem from our strategic partner will accelerate innovation in the space and further support our mission of empowering governments to serve efficiently.

Salesforce Public Sector Solutions, much like Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud and Health Cloud, provides a stronger base of purpose-built industry functionality for ecosystem partners like Clariti to deploy better and faster solutions for our customers. Solutions such as emergency response management, inspections management, and licensing & permitting management are just the start of a public sector-specific digital platform built to serve the ever-evolving needs of modern government.


As one of Salesforce’s largest public sector AppExchange partners, we’ve been delighted to share our experiences, insights and stories from over a decade of serving public sector constituents on the platform, and will continue to play a key role in the development of Public Sector Solutions. Salesforce’s product investment will improve the already powerful combination of Clariti and the Salesforce platform, and will enable government constituents to shift to the cloud at an accelerated pace. 

With renewed energy and support, we’re excited to continue leading the industry through its digital transformation at a time where it is more critical than ever. 

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