Clariti Officially Launches Latest Government Building Permit Software

November 16, 2021

Clariti Officially Launches Latest Government Building Permit Software

Clariti is thrilled to officially release its newest solution for government building departments: the pre-configured, quick-to-implement Building Permitting Solution. The 100 percent cloud-based product will provide a 50% or more reduction in permit issuance time for small-to-medium-sized government organizations across North America, and an easy, accessible way for citizens and businesses to access all information related to current or historical applications.

For more than 13 years, Clariti has made permitting and licensing software for state, provincial, and local governments that enables leading turnaround times and intuitive citizen experience. Completely flexible and fully-configurable, the solutions are designed to make even the most complex and unique issuance processes easier and faster.

In what marks a new era in building permitting technology, Clariti’s Government Building Permitting Solution comes pre-configured with leading tools and functionality to make it easy for non-technical staff. Complete with an intuitive self-service online community portal for applicants and contractors to submit, review, and pay for permits online; mobile inspection capabilities; and a drag-and-drop back-office management system that can be updated with clicks not code; the solution offers everything building departments need to operate efficiently.

“We’ve heard from governments that the pace of change to the building industry is precipitating the need for a more flexible, user-friendly solution. We’re excited to release Clariti’s Building Permitting Solution, the most comprehensive and easy to implement system for small- and medium-sized governments.”

-  Cyrus Symoom, Co-CEO, Clariti

We’re proud to be able to offer a solution that can help departments put an end to backlogs for good, and be the fastest and most reliable offering in the market.”

-  Jake Dancyger, Co-CEO, Clariti

Functionality upgrades released with Clariti’s Building Permitting Solution will also coincide with an upgrade to Clariti Enterprise: the leading, fully configurable solution for permit and license management at major cities, counties, and state departments. This will ensure Clariti’s partner network continues to produce and implement solutions at the leading edge of technology and efficiency.

Contact Information:

Jeremy Bosch
Clariti, Senior Director of Marketing

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