Clariti & Avolve Software Webinar 2022

Improving Staff Retention Through Modern Permitting & Plan Review Technology
On-demand Webinar

Are people within your building and planning department leaving at an alarming rate? Are vacancies taking longer to fill or remaining open with no end to resourcing shortages in sight? You’re not alone.

Trying to attract talent is hard enough as it is, with government job openings being the highest they’ve been in over a decade. Then you tack on the pressure for faster development and permit approvals and you can start to see why building and planning professionals are in such a tough spot.

So how can building and planning departments make employees' workday more rewarding and the job more attractive to younger staff? And how can these departments overcome staffing shortages? Technology adoption can play a major role.

In this complimentary webinar, hear from former chief building officials about her experience and the challenge of employee retention in government, and how the right permitting and plan review technology can help. See first-hand how seamless permitting and e-plan review integrations can help improve the employee experience, so staff feel confident in the work and the systems they use.

Watch the ondemand webinar to dive deeper into:

  • The challenges of employee retention in building and planning departments
  • How a well-oiled integrated permitting and plan review system can improve workplace experience
  • How to leverage technology for staff recruitment
  • Tips and best practices for modernization

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Christine Brakefield, Former Chief Building Official, City of Midwest City, OK

Christine Brakefield
Former CBO
City of Midwest City, OK

Farouk Savji, BDE, Clariti

Farouk Savji
Business Dev. Executive

Chris Prather, Director of Sales Engineering, Avolve Software

Chris Prather
Director, Sales Engineering
Avolve Software