Ensure Public Safety.

Seamlessly manage critical permitting, inspections and code enforcement functions online, all in one place. Maintain public safety with efficient processes and automation that ensure inspections are conducted on time, and violations are attended to quickly.

Prioritize the Safety of Your Community.

With online applications, mobile access, and automatically generated inspections itineraries and violation notices, your agency will easily meet demand, and will no longer be faced with a growing list of overdue inspections and pending permits. Stay up to date and prioritize the safety of your community with Clariti.

Covid-19 Inspections | Clariti

COVID-19 Inspections

Quickly adapt to and act on new COVID-19 health and safety guidelines with Clariti’s SafeStart - a packaged solution that can be implemented in under two weeks. SafeStart provides business owners, residents, and inspectors with the necessary tools to quickly and effectively manage new regulations. With SafeStart, businesses can register their safety plans online; residents can easily raise concerns about unsafe conditions; and inspectors can efficiently conduct site inspections and verify compliance.

safestart by Clarit

Liquor Licensing | Clariti

Liquor Licensing

Simplify the complexities of alcohol beverage licensing with an advanced data model that provides a 360° view of all those involved - owners, employees, and licensed establishments. Ease the complexities of ‘riders’ and ‘privileges’ unique to each license application with a streamlined, central database; and easily manage enforcement and compliance across multiple locations with improved communication between all those involved. 

Food Preparation & Serving Licenses | Clariti

Food Preparation & Serving Licenses

Stay ahead of mounting license submissions, inspections, and shifting government regulations for industries and services; prevent public health and safety risks with a trusted solution to seamlessly manage food preparation and serving licenses. Citizens can easily report unsafe conditions, illness or incidents that should be investigated by the health department online. With automation and streamlined workflows, your department can quickly respond, inspect and enforce immediate correction of any unacceptable conditions.
Environmental Permits | Clariti

Environmental Permits

Ensure the long-term health and well being of our communities through environmental stewardship. Streamline the extensive data collection, workflows and document creation required for environmental permitting, and save considerable time and resources over a permit’s lengthy lifetime. Keep up with frequent testing, submission of sample data and periodic inspections for compliance, and ensure all essential documentation and information is available to the public.

Health Facility Permits | Clariti

Health Facility Permits

Maintain critical permits and licenses for Health & Human Service facilities with a comprehensive permitting and licensing solution. Ensure the safety and well being of our most vulnerable citizens, and manage equipment and facility regulation with ease. Whether in a clinic, hospital or care home, Clariti allows you to keep track of it all - the facility, equipment, and the front-line workers that keep our communities well.   

Key Features

Citizen Portal

Community Portal

Engage residents, businesses, and staff with an efficient, easily accessible online interface. Modernize your operations with real-time status updates, mobile accessibility, online application submission and simplified processes and workflows.


Code Enforcement

Manage complaints, inspections and violations consistently and efficiently. Enable field inspectors access to violation history. Keep track of inspection and enforcement due dates.

Inspections App

Inspections App

Track the inspection lifecycle from permit inspection request through to finalizing; automate the reinspection process for both permits and complaints; and easily generate violation notices.

GIS Mapping

Esri® GIS Connector Tool

GIS Sync integrates your existing Esri GIS Server spatial data with Clariti and allows for continuous data synchronization. GIS Map Viewer adds visual analysis capabilities and includes map-based tools to create and manage information.




Quickly adapt to your agency’s needs. Together with our certified partners, we work closely with you to ensure the solution meets the specific needs of your community, and will adapt as your needs change.



Establish a more open, accountable government with an accessible, engaging platform that allows for better sharing of information, accountability, and improved communications.



Modernize operations, reduce costs, mobilize workers and engage citizens - staff and citizens can utilize the same technology in their government interactions as in their personal life.



Significantly improve agency performance, productivity and quality of service through automation and improved workflows; and ensure service is uninterrupted, by eliminating the need for on-premise systems and disruptive updates.

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Helping Keep Your Community Safe.

Navigate critical permitting and licensing duties easily with Clariti.