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Power Economic Growth.

Governments in North America face high demands for licenses that enable businesses to grow, economies to scale, and essential services to continue. State and local agencies need an efficient system to proactively manage their growing list of license requests, hold businesses accountable for their actions, and to ensure safe practices are upheld. Engage citizens and improve transparency by expediting your licensing processes with a government licensing solution designed to best serve the needs of your community.

Government Licensing Software to Drive Economic Development.

Experience faster license renewals, timely revenue collection, automated workflows, and effortless
financial management with a truly efficient, modern system.

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Professional Licensing

Easily meet unique professional licensing demands and rules - whether for 2,000 barbers, 20,000 dentists, or 200,000 nurses. Simplify the process for applicants to qualify and maintain good standing in their profession with a true multi-tenant cloud architecture. Meet the demands of multiple boards and agencies with many distinct license types, and serve thousands of licensees in one easy to support enterprise environment - all while ensuring data privacy and integrity. Adapt and adjust to the industry’s near continuous regulatory changes with online self-serve licensing capabilities, and improve citizen and employee satisfaction. 

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Business Licensing

Stimulate your local economy and shorten lengthy processing times for business licenses with online applications and fee payments, and automatic renewal notifications. With a swift and convenient online solution, you will empower business owners to succeed; and assure the public of proper registration while being able to provide recourse incase of violation. Streamline your overwhelmed and backlogged licensing processes and workflows to accelerate local business growth and prosperity, and to ensure your agency stays up to date on critical applications and renewals. 

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Contractor & Trade Licensing

Streamline licensing processes for contractors and trades workers with an efficient online system that supports all certification models - from traditional Journeymen and Apprentice models to more modern academic qualification paths to licensure. A simple, easy-to-use online process provides contractors a hassle-free way to get licensed; and provides citizens an easy way to check if their hire is properly licensed for the job. Ensure the workforce that your community relies on to build and maintain homes, businesses and community spaces remains compliant and can do so efficiently.  

Key Features

Citizen Portal

Community Portal

Engage residents, businesses, and staff with an efficient, easily accessible online interface. Modernize your operations with real-time status updates, mobile accessibility, online application submission and simplified processes and workflows.


Payment Cart & Fund Accounting

Consolidate and automate financial processes with a user-friendly, centralized financials management system. Comprehensive accounting capabilities will allow your agency to easily view, input, and manage cash and receivables, receive multiple item payments across various departments, and quickly process refunds, payment adjustments, deposits, and more. Speed up processing times and receive funds quicker.

Reports & Dashboard

Reports & Dashboards

Give your agency the opportunity to make informed, data-backed decisions with advanced data analytics and reporting. Easily configure new reports, schedule and run saved reports, create ad-hoc queries, or clone a report with enterprise-scalable reporting capabilities designed for efficiency.

Historical tracking


Automate tedious daily tasks and time-consuming processes and workflows—all without code. Custom automation tools allow you to generate and dispatch documents and renewals automatically while dynamically generating application questions and inspection checklists based on specific license or object types.




Adapt and scale with regulations and changes in demand. Sudden surges in license applications or regulatory change will no longer result in lengthy processing delays or disgruntled citizens - your agency can adapt and scale with ease.



A cloud solution provides access to accurate, reliable information anytime, anywhere; encourages citizen and business engagement; and facilitates sharing and collaboration across departments and agencies.



Modernize operations, reduce costs, mobilize workers and improve communication services through automation on an innovative global platform. A future-proof solution ensures your agency is well equipped to exceed citizen expectations.



Automate and streamline processes to significantly improve your agency’s performance, productivity and quality of service. And with no disruptive on-premise system upgrades and downtime, you can guarantee continuity of service.

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Grant licenses faster and stay ahead of demand with a modern licensing solution for your community.