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Operate your permitting and licensing processes digitally with Clariti’s true cloud software. Empower citizens and staff, and streamline your operations to save money, meet application demands, satisfy regulatory compliance, and achieve remarkable results.

Clariti Government Solutions

Government Permitting and Licensing Solutions

Community Development

Clariti building permits

Building Permits

Simplify complex building permit processes and development projects with an integrated platform offering 24/7 self-serve capabilities, and full transparency for residents, developers, and staff throughout the process.

Clariti Planning and Zoning Applications

Planning & Zoning Applications

Streamline processes and fast-track permits while ensuring development project success and compliance with community regulations.

Clariti Mechanical Equipment Permits

Mechanical Equipment Permits

Automate critical permitting functions and inspection itineraries to ensure mechanical equipment remains safe. Offering a fully functional mobile app with GIS integration that automates assignments for field inspectors, and enables spatial location of assets and equipment, even offline.

Economic Growth

professional licensing

Professional Licensing

Easily meet the demands of multiple boards and agencies with many distinct license types, and serve thousands of licensees with one easy to support, self-service licensing platform - all while ensuring data privacy and integrity.

business licensing

Business Licensing

Shorten lengthy processing times for business licenses with online applications, fee payments, and automatic renewal notifications. Stimulate your local economy and empower business owners to succeed with a swift and convenient online solution.

contractor and trade licensing

Contractor & Trade Licensing

Offering a simple, hassle-free online licensing system for contractors and tradesmen that supports all certification models - from traditional Journeymen and Apprentice models to more modern academic qualification paths.

Public Safety

covid19 inspections

COVID-19 Inspections

Quickly adapt to and act on new COVID-19 health and safety guidelines with SafeStart - a packaged proactive inspections management solution that can be implemented in under two weeks.

liquor licensing

Liquor Licensing

Ease the complexities of alcohol beverage licensing with an advanced data model that provides a streamlined 360° view of all those involved, so you can easily manage enforcement and compliance across multiple locations.

Clariti food preparation and serving licensing

Food Preparation & Serving Licenses

Automate and streamline workflows to better manage food preparation and serving licenses, and prevent potential public health and safety risks. Quickly respond to, inspect, and enforce immediate correction of any unacceptable conditions.

Clariti environmental permits

Environmental Permits

Streamline the extensive data collection, workflows and document creation required for environmental permitting; and save considerable time and resources over a permit’s lengthy lifetime, while ensuring all essential documentation and information is available to the public.

Clariti health facility permits

Health Facility Permits

Maintain critical permits and licenses for Health & Human Service facilities with a comprehensive permitting and licensing solution that allows you to keep track of it all in one place- the facility, equipment, and the front-line workers that keep our communities well.

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