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On-Demand Webinar: What Role Will Technology Play in Building Permitting in 2022?

Government permitting experts discuss 5 key building permitting trends and what role technology will play in 2022.

As governments adapt to the ‘new normal’, we’ve seen an array of changes in technology, and a clear need for digital solutions that can improve processes, and help governments remain resilient.

The combination of ever-growing demand for building permits with the need for digital focused citizen and staff centered approaches has forced governments to adapt quickly. Thinking ahead to 2022, what actions should governments be taking now in preparation, and what trends should they be prepared to face?

Learn about some of the trends our industry experts see affecting building permit processes in 2022 such as:

  • Keeping up with the wave of self-service
  • High permit volume & need for affordable housing
  • Rapid changes in building codes
  • Updating building codes without impacting permit approval times
  • Finding solutions to stand the test of time

Watch to see how building permit software can solve some of these common challenges that governments face in meeting surging demands.We'll be showing technology trends through Clariti's Building Permitting Solution. 

In this webinar, hear from our in-house experts as they discuss:

  • Five key trends that will affect building permit processes in 2022
  • How you can take action heading into next year’s permitting, inspections and planning processes 
  • How Clariti’s building permit solution addresses these pain points


Jeremy Bosch, Clariti Senior Director of Marketing
Jeremy Bosch
Senior Director - Marketing
Clayton Walker, Clariti Solutions Engineer
Clayton Walker
Solutions Engineer

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