Building Permit Solution

Used by leading government organizations across North America to speed up and improve the permitting process, Clariti’s comprehensive, true-cloud government building permit software enables a fully digitized permitting experience for citizens, businesses, and government staff. Organizations using the Clariti Building Permit solution are able to power their local economies forward, driven by faster turnaround times, a fully digital application process, and streamlined approvals and inspections. 


Clariti Government Building Permit Solution


Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Workflow Management
Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Workflow Management

Front & Back Office Workflow Management

Customize workflows for each phase of the permit submission, review, and approval process. Increase the volume of applications through automation and efficient processes to meet your community’s SLA’s.

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution GIS
Clariti Government Building Permit Solution GIS


Make informed, data-driven decisions about applications and permit requests based on real-time spatial data; and establish data consistency across all systems with bi-directional data sharing between Clariti and Esri®. View maps from the field using a mobile device or tablet with the Map Viewer that shows permits, inspections, and other key activities on a map.

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Inspections
Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Inspections App


Manage inspections entirely online, whether in-office or in the field. Utilize maps or custom rules you define to optimize inspector assignments, daily routes, and travel times. Inspectors in the field can complete their reports and inspection duties remotely through Clariti’s mobile Inspections App.

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Online Citizen Portal
Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Online Citizen Portal

Online Citizen Portal

A fully online application system for community stakeholders, offering self-service features to empower contractors and citizens to apply for a permit, review its progress, and handle correspondence directly from your website. Make the building permitting process straightforward, transparent, and quicker for everyone while reducing customer support requests.

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Reporting & Dashboards
Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Reporting & Dashboards

Reporting & Dashboards

Track the real-time performance of the most important areas of your permitting program without code. Develop work queues to track existing permit status, and benefit from fully-functional native reporting and dashboards that provide staff and executives a 360° view of real-time data.

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Financials
Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Financials


Easily manage all of your financial needs in one place with a digital payment cart experience supported by a GAAP-compliant dual-entry ledger system. Fully equipped to support complex permit fee structures, refunds and waivers, and deposits, bonds, and escrow accounts. Clariti Financials can be integrated with main ledger systems via API or batch data exchange, as well as any other payment application your organization may use.

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Salesforce Platform
Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform

Built on the Salesforce platform, by choosing Clariti, you gain full access to the world’s leading CRM, with robust security, renowned user interface, mobile functionality, and enterprise scalability. Clariti can be integrated with your existing Salesforce environment, or used as a purpose built application for your building department.

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“It gives us a level of confidence, knowing [the team’s knowledge of their] products and the industry. That’s really important to us. I find them very attentive and very responsive. If we have any issues or have a question, they’re always willing to jump on a call to help us understand what we’re looking for."

- Ellen Christy, Massachusetts Office of Housing and Economic Development

“It’s the first thing I have up in the morning, and the last thing I see when I log out.” 

- Hilda Thielen, Secretary to Director of Community Services, City of Sterling, IL

“Anytime we had a question on anything in the system that was their cup of tea, they were on it. Within 24 hours, we usually had an answer, and we could move forward. As far as customer service goes, they are one of the best vendors I've ever worked with.”

- Erika Hoppes, State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission

Manage All Permitting Functions in One Place

Clariti Government Building & MEP permits

Building & MEP Permits

A complete solution to simplify complex building and mechanical equipment permit processes and workflows. Easily adaptable to meet the varying requirements of development projects, and your community’s unique needs.

Clariti Planning and Zoning

Planning & Zoning 

Manage all of your planning and zoning needs in one place, online, with a suite of features to help you keep ahead and ensure regulatory compliance. Offering bi-directional integration with the Esri® GIS system, electronic plan review, and more tools for successful project management.

Clariti Special Use Permits

Special Use Permits

Provide your community with an easy way to apply for and obtain a special use permit online. Flexible to meet your unique permit requirements, benefit from a streamlined, straightforward process that is  easy for all to understand.

Clariti Inspections


A powerful solution to manage inspections in-office or from the field. Allowing citizens to request inspections online; staff to automatically schedule, assign, and route inspections; and inspectors to add information, pictures, or videos from a mobile device or tablet on-site.

Benefits of a Truly Digital Building Permit Solution

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Benefits

Complete Visibility into Permit Status

One centralized platform provides applicants and staff with a 360° view of current and historical data, and the ability to find, submit, and manage all necessary documents and approvals related to the building permitting process.

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Benefits

Faster Permit Turnaround Times

Experience quicker turnaround times for applications, plan reviews, and approvals with a drastic reduction in manual administrative work. By consolidating all of your permitting functions into one system, you can cut approval wait times, and fast-track your community’s development projects to speed up revenue flow.

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Benefits

Minimize Customer Service Requests & Walk-Ins

Simplify complex building permit processes and development projects with process automation, and a more straightforward application, review, and approval process. Through the Citizen Portal, applicants can access permitting services at any time of day, from anywhere, and any device -- offering full self-service and the ability to complete 100% of transactions online.

Clariti Government Building Permit Solution Benefits

Fuel Economic Recovery

Accelerate growth in your community by streamlining the permitting process, and reducing the time it takes to acquire a building permit. With straightforward, easy-to-follow online processes, you can cut project delays, and encourage developers to keep building. Faster permit turnaround times allow you to capture revenue from development fees quicker, and increase revenue from property tax.

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