Michigan Liquor Control Commission Selects BasicGov

January 9, 2015

[January 9, 2015 - Friday] The State of Michigan, through the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC), as part of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), selected the BasicGov solution for its new Licensing Case Management system. The RFP released specifically identified Salesforce.com as its preferred platform.

MLCC is implementing an Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) Solution that encompasses the complete licensee life cycle and enables MLCC to sustain lasting relationships with greater levels of licensee management and flexibility. MLCC is implementing Salesforce for end-to- end licensee management for multiple internal and external customer groups via multiple channels, using an iterative phased approach.

BasicGov, is the only COTS/SaaS-based solution for government licensing, permitting and inspection needs. BasicGov will cover global system requirements plus MLCC’s four functional areas: licensing, enforcement, executive services, and finance to help achieve the following goals:

  • Streamline and improve Case Management Licensing system modules for Licensing, Enforcement, Executive Services and Finance functions (workflow optimization).
  • Provide reporting solutions which enable rich reporting (standard and ad-hoc reports).
  • Allow for ongoing enhancements on the Salesforce.com platform for future IT developments or regulatory requirements.
  • Enable mobile devices used in the field to update the database automatically as well as upload photo or diagram documentation.
  • Design dashboard to manage current and upcoming tasks, view statistics and employee performance data.
  • Design platform to interface with online payments and renewals, State finance applications, Sales Inventory and Purchasing System (SIPS), and document management system.
  • Develop an electronic Beer and Wine tax reporting and payment system (future enhancement/functionality).
  • Develop an online liquor price book with pictures and descriptions of all of the 6,500 spirit products sold in Michigan (future enhancement/functionality).

The MLCC operates a billion dollar distilled spirits wholesaling business enterprise, licenses more than 17,000 suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers, enforces the liquor control code for licensees, and collects taxes. MLCC was created upon the repeal of Prohibition by the legislature acting in special session in December of 1933. The act empowered MLCC to control all alcoholic beverage traffic within this state. Today, MLCC is a Type I agency housed within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (“LARA”).

About BasicGov

Empowering Government to Efficiently Serve

At BasicGov, our purpose and core values guide our product innovation and dedication to deliver excellence. Starting in 1985, our former parent company (Municipal Solutions Group) was founded by government employees who believed that permitting and licensing could be automated through software. What began as an on-premise solution that grew to supporting over 300 customers we realized the potential in ‘cloud technology.’ By the early 2000s, we created the only permitting and licensing solution to be hosted on the Force.com platform from Salesforce , the World’s Most Innovative Company*.  In 2006, we were split from our parent company and BasicGov became a stand alone entity that still offers a cloud-based COTS solution with modules for Licensing, Inspections, Planning, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Fund Accounting, and Payment/Billing Management on the Salesforce cloud platform.

*Forbes Annual List of the World's Most Innovative Companies

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