BasicGov to Provide City of Aspen with Community Development Solution

October 18, 2016

[October 19, 2016 - Wednesday] The City of Aspen and Pitkin County Community Development Departments exist as separate entities, but share certain information systems. Together, they sought to replace their shared land use application review and building permitting software for a solution that would include workflow management, tracking, analysis, and document storage and retrieval for:

The City of Aspen and Pitkin County selected BasicGov, a cloud-based SaaS solution to help improve and streamline the processing of land use applications and building permits.

In partnership throughout the implementation of this project, the BasicGov solution can help these departments achieve the following key objectives:

  • Decrease the time required to review and approve projects
  • Provide easily accessible, accurate information
  • Provide strong analytical capabilities
  • Provide superior data retrieval and search capabilities
  • Eliminate duplication of effort
  • Eliminate redundant data entry for staff and customers
  • Provide on-line interfaces for staff and customers
  • Provide accurate, real-time information from GIS and other integrated databases

The City and County are located in the Roaring Fork Valley in the mountains of central Colorado. The permanent population of the City proper is approximately 6,100, while the County as a whole has a permanent population of approximately 16,000. Aspen and Pitkin County have experienced a significant amount of growth and development pressure over the past 10 years.

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At BasicGov this is our purpose and it generates results for our customers and partners. This purpose is driven also by our core values of Innovation, Teamwork, Communication and Excellence.Our history dates back to 1985, when our former parent company, called Municipal Solutions Group was founded by government employees who believed permitting and licensing could be automated through software. In the early 2000’s, and with over 300 customers, this company researched cloud based solutions and decided that the platform from Salesforce was the best cloud platform available. In the mid 2000’s it became apparent this internal project was destined for success and our investor chose to split the companies and created BasicGov as a stand alone company as a 100-percent software-as-a-service (SaaS) based company offering modules for Licensing, Inspections, Planning, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Fund Accounting, and Payment/Billing Management.


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