BasicGov Is Now On The Salesforce Government Cloud

May 30, 2014

[May 30, 2014 - Friday] Salesforce announced its new Government cloud which is a FedRAMP authorized portion of Salesforce's multi-tenant community cloud infrastructure. It is specific to U.S. federal, state, and local government customers, U.S. government contractors, and Federal Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs) that seek a higher level of platform security. Salesforce plans to make this available to customers in June.

Customers can also extend the Salesforce platform by adding the BasicGov solution, as it will be one of the many apps available on the Government cloud. BasicGov helps public sector manage their permitting, licensing, inspection, and enforcement operations by streamlining the regulatory and compliance-based processes and help government to engage and interact with citizens in a whole new way. Our comprehensive operations management enables government to cut cost while ensuring the efficient delivery of quality services to citizens.

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About BasicGov

Empowering Government to Efficiently Serve

At BasicGov, our purpose and core values guide our product innovation and dedication to deliver excellence. Starting in 1985, our former parent company (Municipal Software) was founded by government employees who believed that permitting and licensing could be automated through software. What began as an on-premise solution that grew to supporting over 300 customers we realized the potential in ‘cloud technology.’ By the early 2000s, we created the only permitting and licensing solution to be hosted on the platform from Salesforce , the World’s Most Innovative Company*.  In 2006, we were split from our parent company and BasicGov became a stand alone entity that still offers a cloud-based COTS solution with modules for Licensing, Inspections, Planning, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Fund Accounting, and Payment/Billing Management on the Salesforce cloud platform.

*Forbes Annual List of the World's Most Innovative Companies



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