BasicGov to Provide Arizona with a Enterprise Licensing SaaS Solution

April 5, 2017

[April 5, 2017 - Wednesday] BasicGov was recently awarded the opportunity to provide the State of Arizona with an Enterprise e-Licensing SaaS solution that is specifically configurable to the needs of Business Licensing Agencies including license workflow management for businesses versus. professional licensing.

The State of Arizona is creating an Enterprise contract for Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Departments authorized to issue licenses, permits or other such documents to individuals, professionals and organizations to engage in a regulated business or professional activity. These agencies, boards, and departments employ law enforcement, licensing, auditing, and other essential staff to meet the state’s mission-critical objectives. Civilian and sworn law enforcement staff along with community and statewide stakeholders/partners, carry out much of this work.

Through this award, the State intends to create a contact vehicle for statewide agencies, boards, and commissions to utilize the BasicGov solution should they choose to migrate to a SaaS solution.

The State of Arizona currently has a population of over 6 million residents with an area covering approximately 113,909 square miles.


About BasicGov

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At BasicGov, our purpose and core values guide our product innovation and dedication to deliver excellence. Starting in 1985, our former parent company (Municipal Solutions Group) was founded by government employees who believed that permitting and licensing could be automated through software. What began as an on-premise solution that grew to supporting over 300 customers we realized the potential in ‘cloud technology.’ By the early 2000s, we created the only permitting and licensing solution to be hosted on the platform from Salesforce , the World’s Most Innovative Company*.  In 2006, we were split from our parent company and BasicGov became a stand alone entity that still offers a cloud-based COTS solution with modules for Licensing, Inspections, Planning, Permitting, Code Enforcement, Fund Accounting, and Payment/Billing Management on the Salesforce cloud platform.

*Forbes Annual List of the World's Most Innovative Companies



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